Gaby Dershin is from NYC and spent 15 years working there as a DJ & Music Producer.  Now living on Vancouver Island, he has brought his expertise with him with Dershin Music. 

His ability to connect with people makes him a sought after DJ.  His ability to read a room, play to that room, and elevate everyone's experience is what made him a success in the past.  With a 9 year residency in Manhattan, Gaby proved he could time after time create unique and special experiences doing what he loves to do.

Since moving to the island in 2014 he’s transitioned into playing a wide variety of gigs, from weddings & parties to corporate & sporting events and has found continued success here by bringing his talent and easy going vibes to each and every gig.  

From small intimate venues to large outdoor spaces, DJ Gaby Dershin comes prepared with a great attitude, an A+ sound system, and an extensive music library that he knows how to use. 

Reliable, courteous, fun, and very experienced, let Dershin Music meet all of your musical needs!

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Gaby Dershin – Music Producer

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